The App

The power of a content agency at your fingertips

With Blog Trackr you don't have to imagine it, you can experience it. 

Branding and content marketing don't have to be hard, and you certainly do not need to break the bank to craft a compelling marketing strategy. That's why we're happy to introduce Blog Trackr, the best online marketing assistant you'll find:


Blog Trackr automates the content curation and branding process. We'll crawl your site, generate a fully customized newsfeed based off your existing content, a full branding dashboard, and help you perfect and save your next blog draft. Blog Trackr provides every tool you'll need from content research, planning, and strategy to ensure that your brand furthers your message and enables you to hit your goals. 

Want to give the free demo a spin? Plug in a blog post here to see the power of customized content curation for yourself. Looking to buy? Check out our pricing page here for more info. 

Where we are going

We want to take the app much further than that though. In fact, we envision this being the #1 tool for any blogger, whether you are writing for a personal site or a business.

Blog Trackr will always create a fully customized newsfeed, though we plan on taking the app to mobile so you can be notified of new articles on the go. We also hope to add keyword and SEO research allowing you to optimize your posts, as well as stats dashboards so you can view your site's health at a glance.

Take a look at the future below:

Come along for the ride

Thank you for taking the time to visit our site, we hope you enjoyed your stay. We invite you to join us on the rest of this journey as you continue to grow our blog and we continue to improve our app. Be sure to check out our blog for blogging best practices and product announcements!