Blog Trackr Free

At the click of a button you can find comparable posts to your existing content; and at no cost to you.

Features Included

Have your entire site analyzed and a custom newsfeed generated just for you. Stop searching for relevent content, start receiving it.   

Price: $0/month  

Blog Trackr Pro

The complete branding and marketing experience; the power of machine learning and a full marketing team at a low monthly price.

Features Included

  • Have your entire blog analyzed and return a custom news feed. 
  • Full brand analysis complete with sentiment analysis and a branding snapshot.
  • A fully customizable branding playbook to map out your marketing strategy.
  • Access to our blog lab where you can have post drafts analyzed to ensure they fit your message.

Price: $19.99/month

Blog Trackr Enterprise

Good for large teams!


Coming Soon!  


Price: TBD


Ask about our marketing coaching packages!

We offer a series of marketing coaching services that include:

  • Blog and website design/setup
  • Content Marketing strategy setup and sessions
  • Social Media strategy management
  • One:one marketing coaching

Learn More and ask for our pricing packages!