Our Team

We’re a team of people passionate about two things: technology and blogging, more importantly how technology can further spur blogging along. If you’re passionate about helping bloggers reach their goals, and want to have some fun along the way, then this is the home for you.

CEO and Founder

Hi there!

I’m a proud member of the class of 2015 at the College of the Holy Cross and for the past few years have been obsessed with blogging and helping bloggers grow. I’ve run a sports blog, Monstah Mash since 2013 and am setting my sights on helping others that I’ve grown to know on the web. Enter Blog Trackr, an app designed to help you automate your branding process and jumpstart your growth.

When not plugging away on my computer I enjoy reading (anything really, from Stephen King to Econ), writing, cooking (mainly Italian and BBQ, though not at the same time), and yelling at the Sox on TV.

CMO, Outreach
Social Media Strategist

Hi! I’m Tyler, the Social Media Strategist for Blog Trackr. I’m originally from North Attleboro, Mass. and a member of the class of 2017 at Westfield State. I love baseball and my dream job would be working with the Boston Red Sox. Be sure to check out my posts on Blog Trackr’s social media pages!

Engineering Intern


I’m Katie. I’m a student at University of Wisconsin studying computer science and gender & woman studies. When the weather is nice, I love playing beach volleyball and going to concerts. When its cold out, which seems like most of the year, I like to watch movies and escape to warmer places.

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