Marketing Coaching Services

Because no one should go it alone

Running a business is tough, let’s face it. Not only do you have to worry about keeping the lights on,your employees happy, and your books in order. You have to worry about bringing in new customers too.

Gone are the days of cold calling, hello inbound marketing. If you’re not blogging, creating video content, drawing up infographics, and sharing all that on social media then your business is operating in a bubble. That’s what we’re here for, we can help.

At Blog Trackr we provide cutting-edge technical solutions to automating your content marketing process, while offering dedicated one on one coaching for you and your marketing team. We can train you on:

  • Blogging effectively for your business.
  • Setting a content strategy.
  • Creating quality content (whether written or visual).
  • Creating an organic and paid social action plan.

Start marketing with us today to hit your goals. Contact us to learn more: