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Our New Year’s resolutions

Last year we ran a post on New Year’s resolutions every marketer should have. I was tempted to whip up something similar this year but felt that really, the same generic solutions always stay the same.

This time I want to get a little personal. No not that personal. I want to talk about our resolutions for 2019, what we at Blog Trackr want to hold ourselves to and accomplish. I had a conversation recently about goals for the year and I asked a tough question: what does success look like?

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Business Growth

Tips on running a remote team to grow your…

It’s 2018 folks. The traditional 9-5 with an hour commute each way is long dead. Thank God it is too. In the traditional company, you are limited by your location. Prospective employees will want to know how easily they can commute to your office, or what type of package you could provide to help them transplant. Gags. In today’s world, thanks to the wonder of the internet, we have the ability to work anywhere, which allows small businesses and teams to scale up faster than ever. With this ability comes the need for some tips on running a remote team because it’s not a batteries-included setup. Read more “Tips on running a remote team to grow your business”

Business Growth

Three tips to recruit members for your team

When it comes to running a small business finding the right team members to help expand can be difficult. Large companies have the luxury of big budgets and hiring managers at their disposal. However, if you’re manning a smaller team with a more limited budget it can be hard to find the right person for the job. Whether you’re looking for an intern for the summer or a full-time hire there are few easy ways to source job candidates and scale up your team and brand. So let’s get to our tips to recruit members for your team. Read more “Three tips to recruit members for your team”