Marketing Tips

Marketing your business on Reddit

I’ve marketed across various social platforms and reddit may be one of the most rewarding when done well, and depressing when done poorly. So how should you go about marketing your business on reddit?

Reddit is a sort of news aggregator; users from all over the world join and share links to various subreddits. There are literally subreddits for anything: personally I’m subscribed to one for digital marketing and another for web development, as well as ‘fun’ ones for movies, tv shows, and books. Read more “Marketing your business on Reddit”

Social Media

How we grew our Twitter follower base 25 percent…

I’ve heard social media be compared to taking a vitamin, and I don’t like it. For many small businesses, social media is one of the last things they think about when it really ought to be the first. If you’re looking for a cheap, efficient, and effective way to communicate with your customers and prospects in real time, well look no further than the social platforms you may be turning your nose up at. Maybe social is hard for you, which is why we’re sharing how we grew our twitter follower base 25 percent just last quarter, and we did it organically.  Read more “How we grew our Twitter follower base 25 percent in three months”

Blogging Tips

How often should I blog?

With the calendar shifting to 2018, the time is now to start blogging. Whether you are just starting out or devoting yourself to blogging more frequently, it is imperative to craft a blogging schedule. You may be asking yourself, ‘well, how often should I blog?’ While there is not a definitive answer, as it depends on your business, we have some tips to get you started.  Read more “How often should I blog?”

Marketing Tips

Five New Year’s marketing resolutions that don’t suck

I’ll be perfectly honest, I hate New Year’s resolutions. Maybe I’m a grinch, I like to think it’s more about realism. I don’t need a day or time of year to decide to change my life: if I want to get healthy it starts now, not January 1. I digress though. This post is not about bashing New Year’s resolutions. It’s to piggyback off our previous post, setting realistic goals, so you can make 2018 the year for your business. Read more “Five New Year’s marketing resolutions that don’t suck”