Social Media

Social Networking: More than food and cat pics

You’ve rolled your eyes when a colleague mentions using Twitter as a marketing strategy.

Twitter? You scoff. That’s for over-sharers–people who tweet selfies off the toilet, pictures of their scrambled eggs, or faux inspirational quotes.

I’ve been there. It’s narcissistic I thought, No one gives a crap what I think. And that’s 100% true, but much like networking social-networking isn’t so much about telling people about yourself as much as it is letting them do the talking and telling them what they want to hear.

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Blogception: blogging about blogging

10 years ago the only bloggers were guys who were balding, overweight, and living in their mom’s basements.

Now anyone can start a blog. From the 60 year old who wants to chronicle what her cats are doing or the 12 year old political activist all the way to the small business owner who wants to build his book of business and make a name for himself in his community–anyone with an internet connection and half a brain can start a blog.

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