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Our favorite productivity apps

Technology has improved the efficiency of our everyday lives. With the tap of a screen, we are able to schedule events, send emails, and pay bills. Let’s face it, without technology, we would drown in the ocean of information society expects us to manage. It’s impossible to remember the myriad of business events, meetings, and news. Fortunately, developers have created productivity apps that allow us to manage the cluster of information we encounter on a daily basis.

1. Mindmeister


The first app on our list has a variety of useful applications. Have you ever had difficulty organizing your ideas? Fortunately, Mindmeister is an application available on PC, IOS and Android that allows you to brainstorm and map your creative ideas.

The application offers a brainstorming template that allows you to connect different topics and organize your ideas. Simply click anywhere on the template and write all of your marketing ideas. In addition, you can share your mindmap with your colleagues and coworkers in real-time. Create notes, projects, and ideas through Mindmeister’s stunning design.

2.Google Keep

Google Keep.jpg

Looking for a simple and efficient way to keep notes? With Google Keep’s beautiful interface, you will be able to easily organize your grocery lists, to-do lists, and outstanding thoughts. You can create an unlimited number of notes without consuming any space! The application is easy to use and even offers the option to take notes via voice command. The application is available for free on IOS, Android, and PC.


Hours Iphone.jpg

Are you curious about how much time you spend on specific tasks? Hours allows you to monitor the amount of time you spend on each task throughout the day. This allows you to budget exactly how much time you want to spend per task, thus increasing the amount of control you have over your daily routine. The hour’s app is free and is available on IOS, Android, and PC.

3.Google Drive

Google Drive.png

Google Drive is an application that allows you to store documents, presentations, spreadsheets, and much more. Not only are you given 15GB of free space, but you are also able to share your projects with colleagues. The app allows you to create folders and organize all of your documents with ease. If you want to maximize your efficiency in the workplace, Google Drive is the app to use. This app is available for free on all platforms.

4. Pocket

Pocket App

Are you tired of travelling and not being able to search for content on your laptop? (unless you have a hotspot or nearby wifi). Pocket allows you to save articles and content onto your device, so when you lose connection while traveling, you will be able to access the saved content. You will no longer have to worry about internet connection to enjoy online content. This application is available on all platforms for free.

5. Google Calendar

Google Calendar.gif

Google Calendar is an amazing calendar app available on all platforms. With the simple tap of a button, schedule events, set reminders, and check for important dates. Even set alerts for how early you would like to be reminded of a specific event. This app is vital for remembering important events and staying on top of important obligations.



Have you ever forgotten a password? Then LastPass is the perfect application for you. This app stores your passwords in a secured vault. The only password required is the password to your LastPass vault, from here, you will be given access to your many passwords. The application utilizes military-grade encryption software and ensures that your passwords will be protected. Do not share your LastPass information with anybody. The application is available for free on all platforms.



This app is a personal favorite. Do you have difficulty falling asleep after using your device at night? F.lux nullifies all blue light effects on your computer at night. Blue light inhibits your melatonin receptors from working effectively, thus causing you to lose sleep. The app works to protect your eyes from the harmful effects of blue light and allows you to use your devices and fall asleep shortly after. You will no longer have to worry about lost sleep. This app is available for free on all platforms.



Do you have difficulty organizing your daily routine? Todoist is the perfect app for prioritizing and organizing tasks. Each day, the app allows you to map out your projects and goals. Based on the importance of each task, the app allows you to color-code which tasks have the highest priority. The app also allows you to allocate tasks to different people through shared projects, thus saving your mental space. Also, you will be able to track your progress with visual productivity trends.

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