Marketing Tips

How Blog Trackr can automate your content strategy

Let’s face it, content marketing can be difficult. The slow and steady pace of growth can be discouraging in the days of fast-paced business growth. We all want real growth and we want it now. Especially for smaller teams that need to scale, not everyone has time to run a social, blog, email, <fill in the blank> content strategy.

Here’s a secret – we don’t have the time either. When it comes to our marketing efforts we practice what we preach and use Blog Trackr to drive our newsfeed. This post will detail how you can start using Blog Trackr to automate your content strategy and drive your business forward.

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Social Media

Using Facebook Groups to promote your brand

It’s no mystery now that Facebook’s algorithm change earlier this year is having a negative impact on organic reach for business pages. Unless your page followers comment or share your page’s posts, they won’t show up in feeds like they used to. The glory days may be gone for easy organic marketing via pages, however that does not mean that your business is done for. Enter Facebook groups. 

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Marketing Tips

Marketing flywheel vs marketing funnel, which to use for…

At this year’s Inbound conference it was announced that the flywheel is the way to go when it comes to marketing. Typically marketers and businesses operated on a funnel – contacts visit your site (because you are a good inbound marketer), fill out a form, and the process continues from there. The marketing funnel was a good strategy for a while, but what is this new marketing flywheel and where does it fit in with today’s marketing approach?

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