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Going home: We’re officially based in Worcester

It’s a surreal experience.

It was a rainy Wednesday afternoon. I was doing the exact same thing I’ve been doing the past few months: sitting at my laptop, coffee in hand, coding and prepping for a meeting. Just this time, it’s the coffee shop on my college campus – Holy Cross, Worcester MA.

Woah, why was I there? Let’s do a recap. Read more “Going home: We’re officially based in Worcester”

Social Media

Creating an Instagram page for your business

Instagram for business? That’s right. The visual social platform has taken off and is one of the best sources for social engagement and brand awareness out there. While it’s commonly thought of as a way to share pictures of food or selfies it’s proven to be a diverse platform used to evolve business brands and social following. In this post we’ll take a deep dive on creating an Instagram page for your business.

If you’ve never given it any thought than continue to read on. If you’ve got a page set up it won’t hurt to get a refresher on the basics. Let’s dive in! Read more “Creating an Instagram page for your business”

Social Media

Facebook Fundamentals: creating a page for your business

Facebook has gotten into some seriously hot water recently as the social media giant seems to be ruffling all the wrong feathers. Still, with over 2 billion users it’d be foolish to jump off Facebook given its popularity. Simply put, creating a page for your business is essential if you want to craft an effective social strategy. A business page gives visitors a way of finding you with ease, interacting with your content, and even contacting you either via a web link or Messenger.

Don’t have a business page yet? Never fear, we’ll take a deep dive in on how to get started.

Read more “Facebook Fundamentals: creating a page for your business”

Social Media

What Facebook’s algorithm changes mean for your marketing strategy

It wasn’t too long ago that Facebook made some serious changes to their newsfeed algorithm. This is news is a bit more on the stale side, but what’s still fresh is the question: what can my business do to stay ahead? Contrary to many fears Facebook’s algorithm changes do not mean the death of your ability to market; they do mean you’ll need to adapt though. Read more “What Facebook’s algorithm changes mean for your marketing strategy”

Marketing Tips

Building an affordable SEO strategy for your business

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, still seems to strike fear and concern in the hearts of many a business owner. It seems… foreign. Complicated. Technical. The internet is a huge place, how is my business supposed to rank? How can I control its rank? Sheesh, these questions are enough to make me nervous. Fortunately, we’ve done our homework and have compiled some affordable SEO strategy tips to get you started.  Read more “Building an affordable SEO strategy for your business”

Marketing Tips

Marketing your business on Reddit

I’ve marketed across various social platforms and reddit may be one of the most rewarding when done well, and depressing when done poorly. So how should you go about marketing your business on reddit?

Reddit is a sort of news aggregator; users from all over the world join and share links to various subreddits. There are literally subreddits for anything: personally I’m subscribed to one for digital marketing and another for web development, as well as ‘fun’ ones for movies, tv shows, and books. Read more “Marketing your business on Reddit”

Social Media

How we grew our Twitter follower base 25 percent…

I’ve heard social media be compared to taking a vitamin, and I don’t like it. For many small businesses, social media is one of the last things they think about when it really ought to be the first. If you’re looking for a cheap, efficient, and effective way to communicate with your customers and prospects in real time, well look no further than the social platforms you may be turning your nose up at. Maybe social is hard for you, which is why we’re sharing how we grew our twitter follower base 25 percent just last quarter, and we did it organically.  Read more “How we grew our Twitter follower base 25 percent in three months”