About Us

It was 2013 and it all began as a blog…


I was sitting at home one summer day in Cape Cod starting my first site, Monstah Mash, a site dedicated to covering the Boston Red Sox. There was a problem though, there were a lot of Red Sox blogs already on the web, and since then the number has only gotten bigger.

It’s the internet Gold Rush; millions all over the world have flocked to their computers trying to make it big as the next big blog on the web, but it gets harder with each passing month. With that comes a newfound respect for blogging, but also makes it increasingly more difficult to stand out from the crowd.

There’s got to be something I, and other bloggers, can do I thought, but then I had it. What if there were a software that allowed me to track my blog stats, told me what to write that day, AND made me money? What if the content research process wasn’t even part of the equation, and was as automatic as checking my phone?

Sounds too good to be true right?

Imagine if you never had to search for content to write about

Blog Trackr a  free software that allows you to create analytics dashboards to view your blogs daily, monthly, and yearly stats at a glance while tracking your market trends; it allows you to create a customized newsfeed to bring the stories that you want to write to the forefront; and it includes participation in our ad revenue sharing program giving you the chance to make money for your site.

Can it get any better?

We believe in making blogging easy, and giving you the tools you need to rise above the rest. With quality content delivered to your device of choice you can have a steady stream of catered news articles fed to you daily to give you a leg up on the competition.

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To learn more about the app check out our page detailing the finer functionalities, and be sure to check out our blog as well for marketing best practices and site-wide announcements!